Sarita Dan

Sarita is a travel writer and photographer currently based in La Paz, Bolivia. Born in New York City and raised in Stamford, CT she has traveled the world bringing to life her cross-cultural experiences on the digital page with her blog That Great Little Spot. Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Tourism Development from New York University she hopes to inspire others to experience the world in responsible, mind-opening ways. Known for buying spur of the moment airline tickets, Sarita considers herself a beach bum, adventure junkie and street food connoisseur.

Follow Sarita on Twitter @thatgr8little or on Instagram @saritadan.



Adam Dahlgard

Having studied Cultural Anthropology at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT Adam is putting his cultural knowledge and adventure-seeking persona to use in La Paz, Bolivia. Having trekked across 2/3 of the Appalachian Trail, Adam loves immersing himself in a country's landscape and natural beauty; all the while indulging in any cultural experience. A cultural and outdoor enthusiast, he views sustainable tourism development as a precious tool in maintainting both cultural and environmental preservation for furture generations.



Lisa Higuchi

Lisa-higuchiaAfter completing her degree in environmental studies and psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Lisa took off to explore the world and has lived abroad, across five continents, for the last two years. Her favorite adventures have included sky-diving over the Great Barrier Reef, swimming with crocodiles and climbing a 6,000 meter mountain. With an interest in human-environment interactions, she enjoys immersing herself in local culture, cuisine and way of life while gaining perspective on local issues. Lisa hopes to use sustainable tourism as a driver of international development.