Johana Illanes de Cornejo 

Johana was born on 29 August 1975 in La Paz, Bolivia but spent most of her early life in Copacabana. Years later, she returned to La Paz and pursued a degree in accounting from the National University of San Andres and a post-graduate diploma in International Standards from the Catholic University of Bolivia.

After graduation, she joined her husband and Hotel Rosario La Paz's current General Manager, Adolfo, working in administration at Grupo Rosario's Copacabana property. Currently, Johana is the group's General Controller, managing all the financed for Grupo Rosario out of the main office in La Paz.


Máximo Adolfo Cornejo

Adolfo was born in Charazani, located at the northern part of the department of La Paz. He spent most of his childhood in Charazani, a town famous for its indigenous Andean healers and ancestral traditions.

As a young adult, Adolfo followed his dream, moving to La Paz to study Hotel Administration and English at the La Primera Escuala Hoteleira de Bolivia and the Centro Boliviano Americano, respectively. Following his studies, Adolfo has been working with Grupo Rosario since 1996, beginning as a telephone operator to his current post as the General Manager of Hotel Rosario La Paz where he has been since 2011.

Throughout his lengthy career at Grupo Rosario, Adolfo has presented himself with an unmatched level of professionalism and responsibility.


Scarlet Herrera

Scarlet is a born and bred Bolivian, having been born and residing in La Paz most of her life. Shortly after finishing high school, Scarlet attended the National University of San Andres, completing a degree in Tourism Administration.

Though she has worked with a few tourism enterprises in La Paz, Scarlet developed the backbone of her career with the Turisbus brand of Grupo Rosario where she has been an integral team leader for the past 19 years. Scarlet is passionate about her work and is a continual inspiration for all of those who work with her. She is hard working, efficient, honest and a true friend. According to Scarlet, the best part about her job is showcasing the multiple experiences available in Bolivia and guiding her clients into making their trip one they will remember for a lifetime. 


 Vivian Gaymer Michel

For almost 20 years, Vivian was the manager of one of Bolivia's main adventure travel operators, based out of La Paz. In her role, she led diverse groups of travelers to dozens of destinations throughout Bolivia. In that time, Vivian built up an extensive knowledge of Bolivian geography and culture, as well as the ability to provide the utmost in service to her clients.

Today, Vivian calls Santiago, Chile home. She has lived in Chile for the past 10 years, working with various tourism departments and esteemed Chilean tour operators. In addition to her understanding of the Bolivian tourism landscape, Vivian possesses an extensive knowledge of Chilean culture and destinations from the northern most point of the country to the south. 

Vivian is the manager of Grupo Rosario in Chile, communicating her passion for her home country, Bolivia to all those who wish to visit.