For the Vera Loza family, it has been a great pleasure to set the standard for quality and service among hotels in Bolivia for decades.  

More than a hotel, a tour company or a brand, Grupo Rosario is a promise of discovery led by service driven experts in the field of tourism and hospitality. At Grupo Rosario our goal is not merely to provide you with a service, but rather to help you embark on an imagination fueled eye-opening experience.

The ancient land of the Incas is one filled with wonder. Even today, primordial tales direct modern ways and the traditions of old and new are but one in the same. We do not simply want you to witness this fascinating life, but rather to become a part of it. In Spanish the saying "el que busca encuentra", or "the one who seeks will find", beckons travelers to use their imagination and ask themselves what it is they want to discover. We invite you to let your curiosity take the lead. Whether it is the mystic enigmas of the land, a life-changing encounter or a spiritual voyage of self-discovery Grupo Rosario is here to enable the journey.

At Grupo Rosario whatever it is you seek, we will help you find.

Hotel Rosario La Paz

hotel-rosario-la-paz-pageGrupo Rosario began as a simple boarding  house in the colonial-style home of Horacio and Fidelia Vera Loza. At first, the Vera Lozas just hosted friends and family for extended. The couple never intended to convert their home, which already housed a small bakery, into a hotel.

Through the 1970s, the Vera Lozas took advantage of a government initiative to encourage investment in tourism and began making renovations to the building. They added bedrooms and other facilities, while preserving the Republican era décor.

The small residencial quickly became popular with visiting Bolivians, and by the end of the 1970s, the Vera Lozas began providing accommodations to international travelers. In the following years, the family continuted to renovate the property, while carefully preserving the charm of the original 1928 structure.

Over time, the quaint neighbordhood of Rosario grew into the bustling heart of La Paz's tourist quarter. As the neighborhood grew, so did the Vera Loza's small hotel.

The property has been passed down through generations of Vera Lozas and we have striven to set the standard for quality of service and attention to detail among hotels in La Paz.

Turisbus Tour Operator

In 1984, we introduced a tour service called Turisbus. A natural complement to our hotel, we used Turisbus to introduce our guests to incredible destinations across Bolivia.

The same attention to service and quality that made Hotel Rosario a success has made Turisbus one of the most trusted tour operators in Bolivia. Today, Turisbus operates a fleet of two busses and six minibusses, with which we offer safe, comfortable and exciting tours to destinations across South America.

Hotel Rosario Lago Titicaca

In 1996, we opened our second hotel in the picturesque, seaside town of Copacabana. When we opened Hotel Rosario Lago Titicaca, we set out from the beginning to maintain the quality and service that customers of Hotel Rosario La Paz and Turisbus had come to expect.

We decorated the hotel with an authentic, rustic Andean décor, which exemplifies the richness and diversity of our communities. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we spent two years renovating and upgrading the hotel until it was the greenest in town.

Commitment to Quality

We know that our commitment to constantly improve our products and service is what has made our company a success. Travel has a bright future in Bolivia, and we are excited to continue to set the standard for quality and service in La Paz, Copacabana, and wherever else the future brings us.

We invite you to experience for yourself why Grupo Rosario has been the pride of the Vera Loza family for generations.