La Paz situated 3800m asl disposes of a very old culture and spectacular landscapes.
Within the city of La Paz exists a combination of native cultures and foreigners, this causes an unforgettable result.

Calle Jaen La Paz city, a place where native constructions, ancient colonial houses and modern buildings are standing next to each other. This demonstrates the many contrasts and different cultures that exist within the city.
Bolivian Indigena The city of La Paz attracts many native aymara people from the rural area who claim progress, in their streets they wear their typical costumes and live their culture. The cholas of La Paz are selling everywhere in the city and therefore convert La Paz into a great multicolorful market. Hotel Rosario is situated directly in the commercial zone of the native people of La Paz and it is sourrounded by the life of the migrated aymaras.
Tiwanacu In the vicinity of the city there are the ruins of Tiwanacu which astonish its visitors. They are older then the Inca ruins and a must to visit.
Balsa de Totora The highest navigable lake in the world is located only some kilometers from the city of La Paz. The Lake Titicaca is holy for quechuas and aymaras as on one of its islands – the island of the sun – their culture and civilization was born. From Copacabana a village on shore of the lake you can make touristic tours to ruins, to a village where the time seems to have stopped and to places with beautiful landscapes.
Moon Valley The moon valley is situated close to the center of La Paz. It is a valley with strange formations that where made by erosion and wind and which remember of the landscape of the moon.
Coroico The Yungas are a Paradise for those who wish to relax and get some warmth. They are located in the vicinity of the city of La Paz and dispose of a beautiful landscape and vegetation. The descent by bike from La Cumbre counts to one of the most dangerous in the world and is one of the obligatory routes for adventurer. It is also the area where the holy “coca” leaf, citrus fruits and coffee is cultivated.