The original house where now Hotel Rosario is located was built in 1928.  It's first name was Residencial Rosario.

fachadaAs you can read above the original entrance door the house in which Hotel Rosario is located today was built at the beginning of the last century, in 1928.

The façade that you can see on the picture that showed towards Calle Illampu had two floors made out of adobe and had been built with the help of acémilas (donkeys) who helped to carry materials. The original wooden balconies were taken out of the old façade in order to put them into the new façade, that had to be moved for 6 meters, because of the enlargement of the street.

The original house was owned by Claudio Pary and Josefina Arostegui, grandparents of the current owners. The house was one of the houses from the republican time with a great central yard at the front and another at the back. The rooms of the lower and the first floor were used as business rooms and offices. On the second floor there was the flat of the owners. There was a bakery with two ovens fired with wood in the front yard. The “kolisas” were well-known for producing bread in form of squares with many layers of paste.

patio-traseroAt the back there was a building with three floors and small departments with a separate entrance from the Calle Graneros, meant for flats.

In 1963, Horacio and Fidelia Vera Loza started to run a family residence with 10 rooms. It was the beginning of Residencial Rosario. Short time after it became more and more successful.

In 1979, the first reconstruction works with consideration for the original sizes were made: reconstruction of the front yard - the current “Patio de la fuente” - and of a part of the surrounding rooms that still have the original ceilings as before. One oven was pulled down and the new cafeteria was built at the same space which the oven had occupied before. At the front part of the yard there was the lobby, offices and flats which were transformed into hotel rooms later.

In the year 1988, the new façade had been constructed with consideration for the ceilings in the dining-room. The main building consisting of three floors is the original and its walls are made out of adobe. Finally, the back part of the building that shows to Calle Graneros was reconstructed into hotel rooms with bathrooms. Furthermore, the sauna had been transformed into a Internet café, according to the current requirements and for offering a higher comfort to our guests.

In year 2001 Residencial Rosario changed to Hotel Rosario, because it met all the requirements to be categorized as an hotel with tree stars.