The Hotel Rosario del Lago is committed to sustainability and is aware of the needsfor a new model for tourism development. Our present and future efforts are based on the UN-WTO definition of Sustainable Tourism of meeting the needs of present tourism and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future.

By using the UN-WTO 12 aims for sustainable tourism and its indicators for sustainable tourism certification, the Hotel Rosario del Lago is developing a new Sustainable Management Action plan considering the main aspects of sustainability: Economic, Sociocultural and Environmental.

The menus that follow have some of the initiatives and indicators that the Hotel Rosario del Lago has implemented. Many more are being elaborated and will soon become part of our objectives for best practices as a stakeholder in the tourism industry in Bolivia and more specifically in Copacabana.


Because it is situated in a privileged site with unique natural beauties, the Hotel Rosario del Lago must preserve the asset that makes it so special: Lake Titicaca and the local environment.
Among the measures taken considering the environment are the following:

  • Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management
  • Portable water consumption is measured and procedures are implemented to reduce it
  • No captive wildlife is kept

We are currently developing strategies for the support of conservation projects and creating an environment education program for visitors and staffs.


We, at the Hotel Rosario del Lago, consider the interests of our society and believe that tourism should positively contribute to the economic well being of the local community and should benefit the business, its employees and its neighbors.

In addition to the often contributions and sponsorships from our organization to local applicants, Hotel Rosario del Lago is discussing the creation of a foundation that will have its funds invested primarily in local projects. This will be also included in our Sustainable management action plan.

We prioritize the employment of local resident, including in management positions,  in order to maximize the economic benefits. We committed to purchase services and goods from local suppliers also giving preference to local products that build on the area’s nature, history and culture.


The Hotel Rosario del Lago recognizes that tourism has many impacts on the sociocultural aspects of society.  Our goal is to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones. Our community is made up of diverse cultural identities and as stakeholders in tourism we must preserve this characteristic of our people, our history and our heritage.

The Hotel Rosario del Lago seeks to offer what is authentic in a Bolivian experience and is concerned that the construction complies with the local culture and aesthetics and includes the presence of local elements in the design and decoration.

Currently, education is provided to visitors about the local history, artifacts, and general culture, and in our Sustainable Management Action Plan the construction of a museum is being proposed in order to add value to the local tourism products and general understanding of the importance of our region.

Our company believes in equal employment opportunities and we are equitable in hiring women and local minorities including in management positions.