TiticacaCTAv3aCopacabana + Lake Titicaca

Only about 140 kilometers away from the frenzy of La Paz in distance, Copacabanaand Lake Titicaca are a million miles away in characater. The sleepy town of Copacabana and the serene shores of Lake Titicaca will wow you with their magnetism and beckon you to return. Click here or on the image to the right to download your guide!

Click here or on the image to the right to download your guide!

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Sailing on the boat

Lake Titicaca is one of the most popular destinations in Bolivia and among the most famous places in South America. The region around the lake was revered by the Inca as the center of the world and the birthplace of their empire. Today, Aymara communities around the lake continue to maintain sacred sites on the lake’s shores and islands. In Bolivia, the city of Copacabana is the gateway to Lake Titicaca. We offer single- and multi-day tours of Lake Titicaca, with trips to Sun Island, Moon Island, and Peru. View More

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Moon Island Tour

090512 Lake Titicaca Cordillera Real 105-e1384386332213-2Extend your stay at Lake Titicaca with a tour of Moon Island. Isla de la Luna, Lake Titicaca’s mystical Moon Island, is an enchanting destination with indigenous communities, Inca ruins and spectacular vistas. Just-a-portion-of-Inka-Wall-below-the-Temple-pictures-Arcenio-MaldonadoWe offer customized packages for guests to extend their Copacabana trip and explore more attractions on Moon Island.  View More

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cholitawrestling1 Lively markets are a hallmark of South America and El Alto's 16 De Julio renditions may be the most energetic of them all. Your tour will begin here, at one of the markets hailed as the largest in South America and most likely the world. After the market you will continue on to another beloved Bolivian pastime, and one not found anywhere else in the world. Once only a sport for males, Cholita Wrestling is quickly carving out its own popular sporting niche.  View More

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Coroico Bike TourAs one of the most popular attractions in all of Bolivia, this tour is not for the faint of heart! Test your cycling skills and your nerves on this 60 km. downhill thrill-ride on the World's Most Dangerous Road! The North Yungas road in Bolivia's sub-tropic Yungas region is notorious for being the most treacherous stretch of road in the world as threats of landslides and the 1000 meter cliff faces pose serious danger while traveling its slick and rocky path.  View More

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