mausse-de-chocolate-y-sorbete-de-fresaHead up to the third floor of Hotel Rosario La Paz, where you can admire views of the entire city at the Jiwhaki Skyview Lobby. Stop in for a light lunch, grab a few drinks and watch the drama of La Paz’s street life unfold below. Jiwhaki Skyview Lobby is a casual environment for relaxing before a night out or enjoying an evening in. We specialize in the best Bolivian wines and international cocktails.

Jiwhaki offers soup, salad and sandwiches for lunch that can be complimented with Paceña Beer or a glass of wine from a long list of options. Try the stuffed avocado for lunch or relax with a chufly, a traditional Bolivian cocktail. The rustic décor is a great addition to the breathtaking views of La Paz. Computer and Internet access are available in the Jiwhaki Skyview Lobby, along with friendly staff that can provide travel information if you have any questions.


12:00 to 14:30 / after hours please call 420.


Av. Illampu 704 - 3rd Floor
Rosario, La Paz - Bolivia
Phone: +591 (2) 2451658
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