Grupo Rosario social responsibility

Grupo Rosario is committed to the principles of social responsibility.  For us, social responsibility is not a burden on our business but an opportunity to give back to our community and invest in our people.

We are proud to be a sustainable La Paz hotel.

  • We provide all of our staff with professional training and career-development services such as foreign language skills, first aid, customer service, management and tourism-specific skills. Nearly 90% of our staff are members of indigenous communities.
  • Our hotel stores are stocked with locally produced, fair-trade artisan goods. We work with the World Fair Trade Association to empower 25 local artisans to develop and market their products through our hotels. These stores provide our guests an alternative to the mass-produced souvenir products that are hawked on city streets that are of questionable origin and quality.
  • Through our tour operator, Turisbus, we facilitate cultural exchange between local communities and international travelers. For many communities in Bolivia, tourism is the leading or the only industry so we are pleased to offer opportunities for economic development for the communities we visit.
  • We are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism in order to preserve the communities we visit, protect the livelihoods of all of our partners and create opportunities for future generations.