Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights

Level of Difficulty: Not Difficult

On this trip from Puno to La Paz, you will witness the mysteries and spirit of Lake Titicaca and La Paz. This relaxing tour will take you back in time as you explore pre-Incan sites in the middle of the world's highest navigable lake and the ancient civilizations outposts in the Bolivian countryside. The spirit of Bolivia is a unique combination of relative modernity and thousands of years old earthly tradition. The blending of the two into one cohesive culture set against an impressive nature will be apparent by the end of our journey.


• Relax on the tranquil shores of Lake Titicaca while witnessing the area's unique cultures
• Take a step back to pre-Incan times, exploring the magical ruins of Tiwanaku
• Soak up the energy of frenetic and colorful La Paz

Day 1: Puno - Copacabana

Our tour will begin on Day 1 with a pick up in Puno at 07:15 from your hotel. By 08:00 we will begin our departure towards Copacabana via tourist bus. We will arrive at the serene lakeside city around noon and check into Hotel Rosario Lago Titicaca where you will spend the night. After everyone has had the chance to check-in and freshen up, we will make our way to the tranquil Isla del Sol, also known as Sun Island. We will spend about an hour on this island in the middle of the world's highest navigable lake, visiting the Pilkokaina temple and hiking along the island ridge to the Yumani community. From there visitors enjoy the stunning view of Lake Titicaca set against the backdrop of the majestic Andes Mountain Range. After letting the moment take your breath away, we will head down a pre-Incan staircase past traditional agricultural terraces until we reach the lakeshores. From there we will take our boat back to Copacabana. The rest of the days is yours to enjoy and taking in the sunset from the hotel balcony is a particularly relaxing experience. For dinner you will enjoy local specialties exquisitely prepared at the Terradentro restaurant. (Dinner)

Day 2: Copacabana – La Paz

Today will be spent exploring the city of Copacabana. After breakfast, we will visit the unique Moorish style church of Copacabana where the revered Patron Saint, the Virgin Mary of Bolivia can be seen. Following a tour through the church we will walk through the loca produce and handicrafts market where the local community brings their goods to sell. Miniatures of all creations are a particular specialty of the area- visitors from across Bolivia come to purchase their dreams in miniature, leaving the various crafts as offerings in the hopes of achieving the material good in reality over the year. Afterwards those who want have the option of waling up the Calvary Hill. Along the 45 minute uphill climb, hikers can witness the unique religious tradition in the country, where Catholicism is combined with Andean traditions. At 13:30 we will depart Copacabana and head towards La Paz, following a scenic route through the Bolivian countryside. We will arrive at Hotel Rosario La Paz at approximately 17:00 where we will spend the night. (Breakfast)

Day 3: Tour to Tiwanaku

On day three of our four day program, we will visit Tiwanaku, the most important archeological site in Bolivia. The pre-Incan ruins date back as far as 1600 B.C. and consist of the famous Bennet Monolith, the Gateway of the Sun, Kalasasaya Temple, the Akapana Pyramid, a semi-subterranean temple and the giant megalith structures at Puma Punku. Our tour of the spiritual grounds will also include a visit to the Ceramic and Lithic museums where we will learn about the history of the structure and the Tiwanaku civilization that built it. We will head back to La Paz and Hotel Rosario in time for lunch which you will enjoy at the Jiwhaki Wine Bar. Evening accommodations will once again be at Hotel Rosario La Paz. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 4: La Paz - Airport

Today our tour ends with a pickup at Hotel Rosario La Paz and transfer to El Alto airport in La Paz for your connecting flight. (Breakfast)


Included: Bilingual tour guide (Spanish- English), shared tourist bus, motorboat transportation to the Sun Island, private airport transfer, all admission fees, accommodations and meals as noted.