La Paz Folk Show Tour


Duration: 3 Hours 

This three hour Folk Show Tour will begin with a pick up from you hotel, delivering you to a colorful restaurant for dinner and an unforgettable show. Enjoy a cocktail and a meal while live bands perform traditional Bolivian folk music accompanied by a talented group of dancers displaying the many different regional dances of Bolivia.


  • Experience dances and music from a variety of regions in Bolivia
  • Enjoy dinner and a cocktail at one of the best Peña restaurants while enjoying the music
  • Sample traditional Bolivian cuisine in a colorful, lively venue


Bolivia is known for its traditional music, dances and cuisine. This tour offers a brief chance to experience a wide variety of these aspects of Bolivian culture in a short, 3 hour time span. Dine in a restaurant in the tourist area of La Paz and experience the Bolivian world of festival and celebration for an evening filled with music, food and entertainment.

You will first be picked up in a private car at your hotel, and then dropped off at 19:00 at the venue where you will be seated at a reserved table. Order dinner and wait for the show to begin at 20:00. Don’t be shy! Try a traditional dish to experience a genuine Bolivian meal!

cuisine3The first band will begin to play around 20:00, accompanied by a group of dancers. There will be at least two different bands playing during the three hour duration of the show; covering multiple styles that are performed throughout the different regions of Bolivia. From the Altiplano (High Plateau) to the jungle environment of Santa Cruz, this tour offers a taste of the music and dance prevalent in the many regions of Bolivia.

Sit back and enjoy the show with a traditional dish and a refreshing cocktail as regional music and dance echoes through the venue. Experiencing this tour is like a crash course in Bolivian folk traditions, encompassing a wide array of regional customs, sounds and dances.

The tour concludes with the end of the show, in which your private transportation will pick you up at 22:00 and drop you off at your hotel.


Included: Private transportation, meals, and entrance fee.

Not Included: Tour Guide or drinks.