Duration: Full Day

Difficulty: Not Difficult 

When Paceños want to escape the high-altitude chill of La Paz, they head down into the steamy Yungas of Bolivia, a rainforest region not far outside the city but about 3000 meters nearer to sea level.

The sleepy town of Coroico in the heart of the Yungas has long been a favorite weekend destination for Paceños, appreciated for its exotic fruit, great coffee and balmy weather. For travelers looking for an opportunity to escape the bustle of La Paz, we offer customized full-day or 2-day/1-night Coroico tours.


  • Descend the legendary Yungas Road, “The World’s Most Dangerous Road”
  • Sip yungueñitos , the local cocktail of singani, fresh orange juice, sugar, and ice
  • Cool off in picturesque natural pools at the base of waterfalls


Biking along Death Road near Coroico

The descent from La Paz to Coroico takes about 3-4 hours via a switchback road that descends from a high of 4,650 meters just outside La Paz, to Coroico at 1,700 meters. Until a new road was completed in 2006, the only way from La Paz to Coroico was along the infamous Yungas Road, better known as el Camino de la Muerte or the Death Road.

Bolivia’s Death Road is carved out of the sheer mountainside. It is barely wider than a vehicle and punishes careless drivers with 1000-meter vertical drops. Today, the North Yungas Road offers a much safer alternative, with features such as a paved surface and guardrails. The new highway still offers stunning views over the Yungas countryside, spotted with a patchwork of citrus orchards and coffee plantations.



Included: Bilingual tour guide (Spanish-English), private transportation and lunch at the Viejo Molino Restaurant.