La Paz and Moon Valley

La Paz & Moon Valley Tour - Half Day

Duration: Half Day

Difficulty: Not Difficult

Our half-day La Paz tour is perfect for travelers looking for things to do in La Paz, Bolivia.  The La Paz tour includes visits to the most interesting attractions in La Paz, including a visit to the otherworldly Valle de la Luna or Moon Valley just outside the city.


  • Check out the lunar landscape of pinnacles and trenches at the Valle de la Luna
  • Explore the Witches’ Market and find local handicrafts while fortunetellers wander the streets
  • At Killi Killi viewpoint, admire incredible panoramic views of the whole city


Plaza Murillo

The largest city in Bolivia, La Paz offers more than visitors could hope to see in a single day. We offer walking and driven tours of La Paz for tourists to get a sense of what do in La Paz with introductions to some of the city's most popular sights, as well as opportunities to get off the beaten path. We offer visitors a chance to chat with their tour guide before they set out so that we can customize visitors' experiences according to their interests.

Our half-day La Paz tour is perfect for travelers looking for things to do in La Paz, Bolivia. The La Paz tour includes visits to the most interesting attractions in La Paz, including El Alto attractions and a visit to the otherworldly Valle de la Luna or Moon Valley just outside the city.

Our La Paz tours begin in the morning at the Rosario Hotel, in the central La Paz neighborhood of Rosario. We head out on foot to explore the narrow, meandering streets of Rosario, San Jorge and San Miguel, some of La Paz's oldest and most lively neighborhoods.

We pass through the La Paz witches' market, a sprawling open-air market in the middle of the city, where women in the traditional petticoats and bowler hats of the altiplano sell medicinal herbs and spices, as well as spiritual and superstitious artifacts. Visitors are often surprised to find mummified llama fetuses for sale throughout the La Paz witches' market. These are important harbingers of good luck in traditional Ayamara culture and make a one-of-a-kind souvenir for tourists.

Other notable sights on the tour of La Paz include the San Francisco cathedral, one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in the city and home to some impressive examples of colonial-era religious art. At La Paz's central Plaza Murillo, your guide will point out the Presidential Palace, the National Congress, and other important government buildings—all impressive colonial edifices in the oldest quarter of the city.

We then head to the southern nieghborhoods to visit Valle de la Luna, a fascinating geological anomaly called Moon Valley because of its bizarre, moon-like landscape. One of the most popular attractions in La Paz, Moon Valley features a few kilometers of walking paths that navigate the huge stalagmites and trenches of the valley, carved out of the soil over centuries of erosion by the wind and rain. In addition to its fascinating geology, Valle de la Luna offers impressive views of the Andes Mountains of the Cordillera Real outside the city.

We also arrange a visit to the Costumes Museum and Gold Museum, located on one of the most traditional and oldest street in La Paz. However, on Mondays these museums are closed in which case we will visit the Instrument Museum as an alternative attraction.

This tour lasts approximately four hours, ending the afternoon back at the Rosario Hotel where guests are invited to grab a late lunch at our Restaurante Tambo Colonial or relax and linger over a glass of wine in the Jiwhaki Cafe.

Visitors wondering what to do in La Paz for the rest of their visit are invited to discuss other La Paz attractions with our friendly guides. Just outside the hotel, visitors will find the colorful markets on Sagarnaga Street with some of the best shopping in La Paz and the Mercado Lanza, famous for its api, a hot yellow or purple drink made with corn meal and traditionally enjoyed with a fresh cheese empanada.

Other things to do in La Paz include the Coca museum, a new attraction that explains the history and importance of this particular crop, and the ever-popular Fighting Cholitas in El Alto.


Included: Private transportation, bilingual guide (Spanish-Enlgish), Moon Valley park entrance fee

Recommended: Good walking/hiking shoes, bottled water, hat/sunscreen/sunglasses, camera, pocket money for suovenirs or snacks, proper waterproof attire during the rainy season