moon island tour - half day 

Duration: Half Day

Difficulty: Not Difficult


  • Explore Inca remains at one of their most important spiritual sites
  • Marvel at stunning views of Lake Titicaca, with snow covered Andes in the background
  • Hike across the rugged and beautiful Moon Island with your knowledgeable guide


Extend your stay at Lake Titicaca with a tour of Moon Island. Isla de la Luna, Lake Titicaca’s mystical Moon Island, is an enchanting destination with indigenous communities, Inca ruins and spectacular vistas. 

Just-a-portion-of-Inka-Wall-below-the-Temple-pictures-Arcenio-MaldonadoWe offer customized packages for guests to extend their Copacabana trip and explore more attractions on Moon Island.

Smaller and further from Copacabana than the more popular Isla del Sol, Moon Island receives fewer visitors than Sun Island, ideal for travelers looking to get away from the crowds of Copacabana and Sun Island. 

According to Inca mythology, Isla de la Luna is the site where the god Viracocha commanded the moon to rise into the sky, and the island is dotted with the ruins of Inca holy sites.

At the northeast end of Moon Island, you’ll find the Inca remains of the Iñac Uyu temple, built into the steep agricultural terraces. A short hike from the island’s dock, the temple commands breathtaking views of the Cordillera Real across the vast Lake Titicaca.

In the center of the ruins is an enormous amphitheater. Here you can explore the ruins of a former Inca palace for the Virgenes del Sol (Virgins of the Sun). For hundreds of years, the chosen daughters of the Inca nobles were sent here to be educated and study the fine arts.

We explore Moon Island on foot, including a visit to the island’s only community. Your guide will take you back to Copacabana at the end of the day.


Included: Bilingual tour guide (Spanish- English), entrance fees and private boat transportation.