Eduardo Laruta Salazar

Eduardo negroBorn and raised in La Paz, Eduardo Laruta Salazar has been guiding with Turisbus longer than any of our other guides. With over 20 years specializing in classic and adventure tours, Eduardo has an exceptional amount of experience and rare knowledge about the diverse Bolivian cultures and landscapes.

A member of a mestizo family with a strong tradition of local customs, Eduardo preserves and shares information about the archeology, herbalism, geology and history of Bolivia with his guests.

His many years of involvement with different ages, backgrounds and interests have allowed Eduardo to become an essential part of our team that   consistently helps guests discover Bolivia beyond of any guidebook.




Sandro Diaz Callejas

Turisbus guide Sandro Diaz CallejasSandro was born in La Paz, Bolivia on 16 April 1977. After completing his primary and secondary education in La Paz, Sandro continued onto the Bolivia Catholic University where he earned a degree in Tourism Administration, then Sandro perfected his English language skills at the acclaimed Centro Boliviano Americano.

Sandro trained in search and rescue with the Bolivian Air Force and has also studied history, ecology, archeology and Andean Mysticism. A part of the official Bolivian Tour Guide Society and Federation, Sandro is approved for guiding tours across the entire Bolivian territory. Having worked with some of the most well known tour companies in La Paz, Sandro has been working full time with Turisbus and the Grupo Rosario team since 2011.



Mario Pusari Callisaya

Born on Isla del Sol located in the blue waters of Lake Titicaca – where most of his family still lives - Mario has been with Turisbus for more than 7 years, and has been a guide for over 13 years total. As a practicing Aymara, he holds the culture of Bolivia close to his heart and is always willing to answer any question visitors have about his people.

Though his first language is Aymara, Mario speaks Spanish and English, having studied at the English Language Institute in La Paz; along with studying Tourism Administration for three years. Mario conducts tours through Coroico, the Yungas, Tiwanaku and La Paz, yet his specialty is the beautiful Lake Titicaca region (particularly his home of Isla del Sol) including Copacabana. With his unique insight into Bolivian culture and years of guiding experience, Turisbus is proud to have him as a guide.